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R4 DS Roms - Revolution 4 Nintendo DS Roms - A technologies company called eMagin has already shown off a sweet piece of R4 hardware for gamers everywhere known as the Z800 3D Visor. The visor, which basically looks like a pair of sunglasses with a hint of Virtual Boy, can be used to watch a video signal in stereo much like Nintendo's previous VR system.
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R4 DS Roms Technology like this has already hit arcades via the Beachhead franchise, and while this is still very new to the market (available since last July) Nintendo has already shown interest, purchasing numerous units directly from eMagin. Does this mean Revolution will be VR? Will Nintendo send us into the new age of gaming with full 3D worlds that can be explored by the turn of a head? That remains to be seen. While the specs do support most PC machines and could be used for console control in the future it is a long shot to assume Nintendo is integrating this into Revolution based on these facts alone. eMagine's own Bruce Ridley has hinted at console support, however, stating that the company is talking to all major console marketers about the headset.



The DS Revolution may have connectivity with the Nintendo DS and the next Game Boy system. Nintendo Power magazine has said this is likely in its July 2005 issue. A reported interview with Shigeru Miyamoto seems to confirm this; however, the legitimacy of the source is unknown.

It has been suggested by some that Nintendo released the information about the real-space controller because they caught wind of a "pitch" and "yaw" handheld extension of the R4 EyeToy that was being considered for the PlayStation 3 and therefore released the information to avoid accusations of plagiarism. However, the likelihood of this is quite low—the technology (and the patents) upon which the "pitch" and "yaw" of the Revolution Controller is based was purchased by Nintendo in mid-2001 [49], well before the EyeToy even existed.

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The Nintendo Revolution controller sets aside the traditional controller seen in other mainstream consoles in an attempt to appeal to a larger audience. The controller is shaped like a television remote control and is held with one hand. Due to its symmetrical nature, the Revolution's controller is able to be used by either hand, unlike other controllers.


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A digital directional pad is positioned at the top of the controller face, with a large button labeled "A" directly below it and a trigger on the underside acting labelled as the "B" button. Below the A button is a row of three small buttons labelled from left to right, Select, Home, and Start. Towards the bottom of the controller are two additional buttons labeled "b" and "a". The "b" button is located above the "a" button, suggesting the controller can be used like an NES controller when turned counterclockwise.

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R4 revolution R4i DSiR4 Nintendo has also announced a controller"shell" which will resemble a traditional game controller called the "Classic-Style Expansion Controller". The Revolution "remote" will fit inside this shell which will allow gamers to play games using a traditional controller while retaining the "remote"'s motion sensitivity. According to Satoru Iwata, it is meant for playing "the existing games, virtual console games, and multi-platform games". An IGN article titled "Understanding the Revolution Controller" discusses the "shell" and includes a mock-up of what the shell might look like.

Despite the controller's similarity to lightguns which are only compatible with standard-definition CRT televisions, Nintendo has stated the Revolution and its controller will be compatible with all televisions including digital projectors. An Ars R4 Technica journal entry speculates that the controller may use a combination of IR and ultrasound to function, much like some existing, similar products such as "virtual whiteboards".



Revo R4 - development Many games featuring Nintendo's classic franchises, such as Mario (most likely the long awaited Mario 128), The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Smash Brothers, have been announced.

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According to Game Informer, Hideo Kojima is developing a Revolution R4 game with the team from Kojima Productions that developed Metal Gear Acid. A new video game company called NIBRIS is said to make an exclusive game called Raid over the River. It will be a futuristic overhead shooter. On December 8, 2005, Electronic Arts officially declared its support for the Revolution. On February 6, 2006, Activision's CEO said that it would have at least one game ready in the console's first four months. It is possible that this could be a launch game for Revolution. No details were given as to what the game would be, or whether it is an existing franchise or a new intellectual property. On February 13, 2006, Blitz Games announced they had signed a deal with a major publisher to develop a game for the console, which is not Possession, but an entirely new game[28]. Tecmo has announced that it will be bringing a popular Korean PC golf game, Pangya Golf, to the Revolution also. When the Official Nintendo Magazine 're-launched', it confirmed that "a new version of Animal Crossing, an update of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, the next Super Smash Bros, [and] an all-new Mario" game were in the making. This particular issue of the magazine also listed 'Smash Bros Revolution' and 'Metroid Prime 3' in its 'Official Release Dates' under 2006, albeit with 'TBC' (to be confirmed) attached. On February 21, the online edition of the Orlando Sentinial confirmed that Geist developer N-Space, Inc. is working on multiple projects for the Revolution. [citation needed] Yuji Naka of Sonic Team has expressed significant interest in the controller of the system, and though he has not officially announced any titles, a new Sonic or NiGHTS game is expected.

It has also been hinted that older games such as Kid Icarus will be on the Revolution as well, though as of most of the R4 Revolution's details this has only been based on speculation. Nintendo has also announced that it is in the process of developing an entirely new and original franchise to be added into the Nintendo universe alongside the Revolution, in the same way as Pikmin alongside the GameCube, although all other details about this project are unknown at this time. It has been speculated that the new franchise might be more mature than most previous Nintendo games. Square-Enix is working on a sequel to Crystal Chronicles. Ubisoft is releasing Splinter Cell 4 on all major consoles including Revolution, and has announced an exclusive FPS and another non-exclusive game. Blitz has announced that Possession will come to all three next-gen consoles. Koei and Namco/Bandai (merging) have made announcements that they will develop for the Revolution. Also, Camelot has announced that they are currently working on a Revolution RPG. This game could possibly be a sequel to Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Killer 7 producer Goichi Suda, aka Suda 51, has confirmed that Grasshopper Manufacture is planning to make a Revolution game.

Not that there's anything wrong with prancing around the room and hacking off limbs with a beam of light, but we feel that the Revolution has a bit more potential than merely indulging us in our geeky Star Wars fantasies (though admittedly, that's an important feature of any console). Luckily, some of the other responses raised some more interesting issues.

"My big fear is that the Revolution R4 is going to over-popularize shallow physical gaming such that everyone starts doing it and suddenly cooking simulators and orchestra-conducting games are going to be popping up on all formats," says Lionhead's impossibly named Tadhg Kelly. This is known as the Eyetoy phenomenon, where developers get stuck on gimmicky features and fail to take true advantage of the platform's capabilities. We have no doubt that several lazy developers will be satisfied with releasing shallow adventures in fishing, fly-swatting and carpentry--that's just the nature of this kind of technology. Fortunately, we won't be buying lame games like that. We'd rather go for intricate, first-person Harry Potter role-playing games.

"Imagine having to speak the spell you want to cast, and using different wand movements to create variations on the spell (maybe the closer you are to a 'correct' movement the more powerful it is, or maybe you can flick it in different directions to throw people about)." Ben Droste from Krome Studio sure makes a convincing pitch for the next Harry Potter film tie-in which, just like the previous entries, will be "the darkest one yet."

Finally, the prize for most spot-on comment goes to Johnnemann Nordhagen, who works for SCEA of all companies. "Trying to shoehorn existing genres into the controller concept is not the exciting part of the new system, although I don't doubt we'll see some excellent interpretations of things like R4 RTS games. To me, the promise of the new controller is that it allows new types of games." If the Revolution hosts nothing but old genres with new controller schemes, it wouldn't exactly be living up to its namesake. The whole point of reinventing the controller is to allow for gameplay that couldn't possibly work on traditional controllers. You know, like lightsaber duels.